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Health is important to everybody

Naturopathic and herbal medicine offer a holistic and person-centred dimension to health and wellbeing. Ian brings more than 20 years of experience to helping people with many types of complex health problems.

Specialised lecturing & speaking services

With a Masters Degree in Herbal Medicines and 17 years of teaching, Ian brings knowledgeable and dynamic presenting to undergraduate and postgraduate subjects, seminars, conferences and special events.

Education is more than just acquiring knowledge

Ian has extensive experience in curriculum design for private colleges and universities, focusing on developing confident & independent practitioners who are able to tailor information & treatment to the individual.

Chocolate ... the food of the gods

Theobroma cacao has thousands of years of history as a food and medicine. Here you can read about the history, science, and wonder of chocolate, and my experiences as I seek out the perfect medicinal chocolate.

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