Overseas Naturopathic Residency experience

This comes courtesy of John Wardle who alerted people to a great opportunity for overseas naturopathic and integrative medicine residential…

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Cover page of ARGCM

Premixing or Individualised Dispensing – Legality

It is great to see Oborne Health Supplies, in their August newsletter, reminding everybody of the regulations around extemporaneous dispensing of…

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Cooperative professionals

Industry or Profession … Which are we?

I often hear people refer to the disciplines of naturopathy and herbal medicine as an “industry”, and I have to…

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Training the Next Generation title slide

Training the Next Generation – Video

Following on from my last post, here is a video on the topic of why Bachelor degree is a more appropriate…

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AQF Qualification wheel

Training the Next Generation … Advanced Diplomas or Bachelor degrees?

For a little over 10 years the minimum qualification in naturopathy and Western herbal medicine in Australia has been the…

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