Coffee beans and grounds

Detecting coffee adulteration

Scientific American reports on a new method to detect coffee adulteration.

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Cacao beans & cocoa powder in a wooden scoop

ABC HerbClip: Review of cocoa and human health

The American Botanical Council’s HerbClipTM service recently provided a summary of a paper entitled Cocoa & human health.

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Does fast-food contribute to asthma & eczema? Probably

July 25, 2013 | Food & nutrition | 0 Comments

The British Medical Journal has published a study which draws a link between fast food consumption and the prevalence of…

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Vegetable oil = palm oil in many cases

Lifehacker had a good post today drawing to people’s attention that it is permissible in Australia for palm oil to…

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More on milk in Green & Black’s dark chocolate

In April 2010 I wrote about Green & Black’s dark chocolate now having milk declared as an ingredient. Not long…

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