Healthy food fads – are they any better?

April 3, 2015 | Food & nutrition | 0 Comments

Read most nutrition blogs and you’ll discover numerous posts on various amazing “healthy” foods. Quinoa – an amazing source of protein. Agave nectar…

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Bottles in Childers Pharmaceutical Museum

Herbs, Glass Bottles & Poisons – April NHAA Sydney Chapter

April is the first NHAA Sydney Chapter Meeting for the year, and they have asked me to speak again. But this time…

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Research participation – dispensary decisions

Dr Sue Evans PhD and Dr Cathy Avila PhD are gathering research data on how herbal practitioners make decisions about their…

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Student publication – Silybum monograph

Congratulations to Maureen Boh, a former student in my pharmacognosy class at ACNT, for getting her work published! Maureen is…

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Is this working? My presentation today at the Conference

Today is Day 2 of the NHAA 9th International Conference on Herbal Medicine, and at midday today I’ll be presenting…

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