Gut bugs may help prevent allergies – BBC Health

Clostridium speciesHerbalists have known for a long time that digestive health and allergies are associated. In more recent times the scientific evidence has been mounting that gut flora plays a role in regulating immunity, with the latest being a BBC News Health story on the possible role of Clostridium spp. in blocking peanut allergies in mice.

Whilst the direct human clinical implications of this research have yet to be fully determined, it is just another in a growing list of animal and human studies showing the importance of digestive health in regulation of the immune system.

Whilst many would consider the digestive and immune systems as separate, they are in fact physiologically entwined. By focusing on digestive health in it’s entirety – through dietary change, herbal medicines which regulate gut function, and probiotic supplementation – significant improvements can often be seen in chronic allergies and autoimmune disorders. Yet another reason why the individualised and holistic treatment obtained through seeing a herbalist or naturopath can often result in profound positive changes.


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Would you like to share your thoughts?

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