Overseas Naturopathic Residency experience

This comes courtesy of John Wardle who alerted people to a great opportunity for overseas naturopathic and integrative medicine residential…

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Evans Pharmacognosy Kit at Childers Pharmaceutical Museum, 2011

So what is Pharmacognosy?

Today was the first class of Pharmacognosy & Herbal Pharmacy for Trimester 2 at ACNT. So I thought now is…

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Vegetable oil = palm oil in many cases

May 21, 2013 | Conservation, Food & nutrition

Lifehacker had a good post today drawing to people’s attention that it is permissible in Australia for palm oil to…

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Social web forces Nestle into palm oil change

May 26, 2010 | Conservation, Food & nutrition

Public awareness of the environmental impact of the massive use of palm oil in food products is steadily increasing. Nevertheless…

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