Student publication – Silybum monograph

Silybum marianum flower headCongratulations to Maureen Boh, a former student in my pharmacognosy class at ACNT, for getting her work published! Maureen is a very dedicated student, and worked very hard to produce an excellent quality monograph assignment for Pharmacognosy & Herbal Pharmacy about a year ago. As such I offered to coauthor with her to help get it published, and just recently the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association accepted the monograph.

The monograph on Silybum marianum (St Mary’s Thistle or Milk Thistle) can be seen listed on the most recent ANPA Newsletter, and I have also attached the full monograph below (with permission from Eta Brand, ANPA President and Editor).

Silybum marianum – St Mary’s Thistle Monograph (PDF link)

Great work Maureen, and again, congratulations!

Image from Wikimedia Commons

Copyright Ian Breakspear, 2014