Is this working? My presentation today at the Conference

Today is Day 2 of the NHAA 9th International Conference on Herbal Medicine, and at midday today I’ll be presenting on something I’m quite passionate about – outcome measures in clinical practice. 

Day 1 was awesome, with some great speakers and time to catch up with colleagues. Today is looking just as great, with some well themed streams to choose from. At midday I’ll be delivering a plenary presentation in the main room, entitled “Is this working?”. I’ll be examining the application of outcome measures in practice and education, as a way of helping us ensure that what we are doing is really working, and really meeting the needs of our patients.

So come along and sit in – it will be great to see everybody there, and I’m happy to chat to people afterwards and of course tonight at the dinner.

Copyright Ian Breakspear, 2014