Targeted weight loss which may NOT be a fad

August 15, 2014 | Lifestyle, Technology

HypoxiSydneyI spotted this one on Lifehacker Australia, and it is a personal review of Hypoxi – an interesting method to help in targeted weight loss from specific areas of the body.

What is appealing to me as a health professional, is that it doesn’t seem to be an unscientific fad or shortcut method. Customers are still advised to eat well, the method does include regular and vigorous exercise, and progress is monitored using sensible outcome measures.

Additionally the Hypoxi method seems to have an underlying weight loss principle similar to that recommended in traditional naturopathic medicine, which involves improving circulation in areas of the body which you specifically wish to target.

Whilst the system is reasonably expensive, for those who have tried sensible methods in the past and succeeded in achieving weight loss, but not from the areas of their body they wanted, this may be worth considering.

To read more, head over the Lifehacker Australia.

Image from Lifehacker.

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